Who is who?

  • Road / rail Unimog
  • Road / rail Sprinter
  • ZAGRO E-MAXI series
  • Railcar movers
  • Second hand vehicles
  • Unimog service station
  • Service and repairs
  • Manufacturing of laser components

The core strength of ZAGRO is their long-standing experience and innovative energy. ZAGRO develop forward-thinking concepts and set new standards in shunting technology. Examples are the Unimogs in master-slave operation and battery-driven railcar movers. The numerous patents obtained in the road-rail sector stand for this innovative strength. Their commitment to Germany reflects ZAGROs initiative to enhance quality and innovation.

  • Rail drive systems for pickups, transporters, carriers, Unimogs, trucks, construction vehicles, tractors, trailers and special vehicles
  • Rail drive systems for all track gauges, curve radius and gradients
  • Overhead maintenance vehicles
  • Cleaning vehicles for track and grooved rails
  • Fire-fighting, rescue and recovery vehicles
  • Rail construction and service vehicles
  • Telescoping and scissor platforms
  • Catenary laying systems
  • Road/rail trailers
  • Cable drum trailers
  • Auxiliary cars DOLLY
  • Special vehicles
  • Repairing, maintenance and revisions
  • Spare parts and field service

For more than 50 years, the rail/road trucks manufactured by ZWEIWEG have been in operation all over the world – from New York Metro to Caracas, from Japanese Railways to the Eurotunnel between Great Britain and the European continent. Just everywhere where mobility, flexibility, low operating costs and reduced personnel costs are required. Each vehicle is designed to fulfil customers' specific requirements.

  • Shunting locomotives with 2, 3 or 4 axles, 350-1000 kW, 30-100 t
  • Narrow gauge locomotives
  • Tailor made vehicles (eg. for suburban or underground railways)
  • Maintenance and general inspections of diesel locomotives of all manufacturers
  • Overhaul and refurbishment of diesel locomotives
  • Design and development (mechanical, electrical, and software)
  • Manufacturing of components

For more than 100 years, the name GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN has been standing for efficient shunting locomotives. Build to match the customers' requirements, they offer the highest profitability. Approved and rugged design, premium components and high-class workmanship paired with up to date control systems guarantee highest reliability and durability. The flexibility in design and manufacture enables GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN to built tailor-made vehicles in lowest quantities, e.g. narrow-gauge locomotives or special purpose vehicles for suburban or underground railways.